Sunday, September 9, 2007

Still waiting

BTW - we're still waiting for Carrie to demonstrate for us that Moses erred in the teaching on faith and morals that he delivered to Israel. This is so that she can substantiate her denial that Moses was infallible.

Of course we all know that Moses was not sinless. But infallibility is different from impeccability. Maybe she meant to say that Moses was not sinless - in which case all that's required is a clarification. Of course, if she does say that this is what she meant, then her attempt to deny what jswranch said (see her post, linked above) will collapse like a house of cards.

On the other hand, she will have to prove it if she wants to get away with saying that Moses' teaching on faith and morals had even a single error in it. Even if she realizes that she was mistaken, it will be difficult for her to admit because, as I noted before, she has a vested interest in Moses not being infallible: it creates a precedent for God giving that gift to men. It creates a scriptural precedent for the fact that God has granted a specific charism of infallibility to the Magisterium, and particularly to the Pope. Obviously it's not a "proof" by itself (and no one should say that it is). But it is most certainly evidence in favor of the Catholic position.


Leo said...

Gee, isn't that interesting?

Funny how they don't answer the hard questions, but turn them back on us, and then start asking us the questions, while completely ignoring what was asked of them.
And when they can't answer, or can't ask any relevant questions, they resort to faith-bashing over something else completely alien to the discussion.

Reginald de Piperno said...

Maybe we're going to need a running list of issues raised by their own posts which they ignore when they are challenged :-)