Saturday, September 8, 2007

Carrie responds (sort of)

Carrie replied to my last post.
I think you are missing the point that this is an epistemological argument. To say that you are 100% certain about the RCC is not understanding the limitations of knowledge and/or not comprehending the definition of faith.
Again with the "missing the point" stuff - although in this case it is not so egregious. I think it's fairly obvious from my last post whether I understood that it was an epistemological argument or not, so nothing more needs to be said about that. And since a sizable part of the post had to do with the definition of faith, I think that we can safely say that Carrie didn't read the post very carefully.

For her part, though: she did not address the fact of question-begging in her post that gave rise to this discussion. Nor did she address my challenge to her to give us a single example where Moses erred in what he taught Israel concerning faith and morals (the matter to which his God-given grace of infallibility extended).

The ball is still in her court.

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