Saturday, September 15, 2007

Combox Interaction with Carrie on Redemptoris Misso - 2

Based upon this post here.

Carrie said:
And, based on the partial answer you did give, please tell me how I am "poisoning the well".
In the post in question, she presented a quotation - ripped from context, with no explanation - that will mislead the uninformed as to what the Catholic Church believes.

Because she did not present an argument that shows why she thinks the quotation contains an error, it is obvious that she is not attempting to educate the uninformed (presumably the uninformed are her audience, based upon this post). That being the case, it seems quite clear that the post is nothing but a rhetorical swipe at the Church.

That being the case, it seems quite clear that the purpose behind the post is to make the Catholic Church look bad, so that actual arguments in its defense will be ignored.

This is called "poisoning the well." If she doesn't understand what that is, she should look here.

If, however, I have mistaken her intent, she has no one to blame for this except herself since (as is quite unfortunately common) she hasn't stated what her intent in the post was. In fact, when she has been challenged to explain what her point for a post was in the past, she has steadfastly refused to do so in almost every case. I think that she can hardly blame her readers for misunderstanding her (if they have in fact done so), given her apparent reticence to make herself clear.

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