Saturday, September 15, 2007

Combox Interaction With Carrie on Redemptoris Missio - 1

Based on this comment here.

Carrie quoted me saying Of course not everyone who dies without having made a Protestant profession of faith goes to hell.

She responded to that: That is not what I asked - you're still dodging.

Perhaps she needs to restate what she thinks she asked, because what she asked was this:
will all who die without personally accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour go to hell?
"Personally accepting Christ as Lord and Savior" is a textbook definition of what I called making a "Protestant profession of faith."

If she cares to either rephrase the question if I misunderstood her, or explain how that is not a "Protestant profession of faith," by all means she should do so. In either case, I didn't dodge her question - not the first time she falsely claimed this (see below), nor especially the second time.

The first time she mistakenly claimed that I "dodged" her question, I answered it with a question whose obvious answer - even from a Protestant viewpoint - makes her original question (in red and bold above in this post) look ridiculous. I know of no Protestant group which claims that every baby goes to hell, and Catholics don't think that any do. Babies obviously don't have the opportunity to "personally accept Christ as their Lord and Savior," not all of them (according to all Protestants of which I'm aware) or none of them (according to Catholics and, probably, at least some Protestants) go to hell, and therefore the obvious answer to her question is No.

Now, if she still thinks I'm dodging her question, she is going to have to be more specific in what she is asking...and also explain why she thinks my responses have dodged it.

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