Monday, November 17, 2008

What are we supposed to call this?

What are we to call this? Here is the story of a Communist-educated abortionist who was scolded in a dream by a man in black and white because of the children he murdered. The man in his dream identified himself as "Thomas Aquinas."

But the Communist-educated abortionist had never heard of St. Thomas.

In consequence the abortionist repudiated his work, suffered for it, has returned to Orthodoxy, and is a champion for life in Serbia.

What are we to call this?

I know what I call it. Thanks be to God.


Mike Burgess said...

Praise be to our great God and Father, to His Son, and to the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of Life!

Thank you, St. Thomas Aquinas!

Mike Burgess said...

Here is another interesting story about the Church in the Balkans. Coincidence? I think not.

Mike Burgess said...

Hmmmm... tag didn't work. I will try to put it here longhand, with spaces that you'll have to remove:
http://www. 2008/10/23/

Let's see if this comes through. If not, please delete it. It's a worthy read.

Reginald de Piperno said...

Here is a working link to that article, which is interesting. Thanks for pointing it out.

It's interesting to me to read about the religious history of the Balkans, particularly in the context of the Clintonian excellent adventure there. The ostensible goal was to bring peace, but those people have been at odds for centuries. And some slick 20th century globalist with delusions of grandeur is going to settle all that? Folks who are pathologically blind about religious motivations are going to settle a quarrel that old?

It is to laugh. They have no historical perspective whatsoever, and no religious perspective.

Rickson said...

I think St. Thomas being a protagonist in the story gave you a high, didn't it, Reginald? hehe. I can imagine. He's my hero too...

I give christian talks to a few of my friends where I work. Before the talk, I pray to St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. I pray to Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen (for he had the gift of oratory) but then realize he is not a saint...yet