Saturday, August 15, 2009

Articuli Fidei - Don't be silly; of course Aquinas was Catholic

I can scarcely stop smirking.

Articuli Fidei has a post up that disposes of someone's silly claim that St. Thomas believed in "sola scriptura".

Consequently whoever does not adhere, as to an infallible and Divine rule, to the teaching of the Church, which proceeds from the First Truth manifested in Holy Writ, has not the habit of faith, but holds that which is of faith otherwise than by faith. [ST II-II, Q5, A3]

On one level, the fact that some kooks say such silly things generally discredits their criticisms of the Church: if they can't get something as obvious and easy as this right, why should anyone give them the benefit of the doubt in any of their criticisms of us?

On another level, I it may be an indication of an awareness that Protestantism utterly lacks historicity in its distinctives; that is a good thing. It may be the foot in the door, so to speak, that one day leads an errant son home. Let us hope so.

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