Friday, July 10, 2009

Something to Remember You By

I haven't been back to his little blog o' bigotry since then, but today stumbled across this little gem that is like the very seal of anti-Catholic prejudice.

Assuming you mean that it's my personal opinion based on a careful consideration of the claims and historical evidence that Vatican I's teaching was so far afield from history that they must have known their claims were false, I continue to have that position. [source]

I think we could safely describe this as a fruit of the wicked Reformed doctrine of total depravity, by which certain Presbyterians and others justify thinking the worst of their neighbors. It's not just theoretical with them; it's a matter of a practical disposition. They think that we act in bad faith precisely because they believe it is impossible for us to do otherwise. It's not a question of being correct or mistaken with them; it's a question of willful evil (always on the non-Protestant's part).

Ugh. Must be more careful about what junk I read.

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