Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI on Grownup Faith

In the last few decades the expression "grown-up faith" has spread. It is often used in relation to the attitudes of those who no longer pay attention to what the Church and its Pastors say — which is to say, those who choose on their own what to believe or not believe in a sort of "do-it-yourself" faith. Expressing oneself against the Magisterium of the Church is presented as a sort of "courage," whereas in fact not much courage is needed because one can be certain that it will get public applause. Instead courage is needed to adhere to the Church's faith, even if it contradicts the mould of today's world. Paul calls this non-conformism a "grown-up faith." For him following the prevailing winds and currents of the time is childish. For this reason dedicating oneself to the inviolability of life from its beginning, radically opposing the principle of violence, in the defence precisely of the most defenceless; recognising the lifetime marriage between a man and a woman in accordance with the Creator's order, re-established again by Christ is also part of a grown-up faith. A grown-up faith does not follow any current here and there. It is against the winds of fashion.


Let's be grownups, and hold fast to the Faith delivered once for all to the Church.

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