Monday, January 5, 2009

Most Outrageous Thing I'll See in 2009

It's only day five of 2009, but I don't know what could possibly top this (H/T: Mark Shea). Appalling.


Martin T. said...

Oh, the possibilities ! So you keep a big stash of these in the front of the church and each person grabs one on the way in. At Concencration we all hold them up and the priest concecrates them. We eat in the pews. No EM's ! No waiting !

Tomorrow I work out a drive-thru concept.

Martin T. said...

BTW: you do know these are for non-Catholics?

Reginald de Piperno said...

Hi Martin,

Yes, I know that. IMO it demonstrates the contempt that some have for the sacrament. I'm pretty sure that there are many Protestants who would be outraged, too, though (I know I would have been).

Thanks for checking though :-)

-- RdP

Mike Burgess said...

"Whether in a church with 30 people or in a stadium with 30,000, we are never more in touch with our Lord than when we celebrate Holy Communion.

It is a practice too profound to alter. Too precious to change. Yet while the practice must remain the same, the process has room for improvements. For many churches, preparing the elements, passing the trays and cleaning up is very time consuming.

That is why, after years of extensive research, development, and strategic alliances with churches, manufacturers and suppliers around the world, the Celebration Cup was developed. And now with great reverence, we make it available to you."

Is there a way to make "wow" multi-syllabic, the better to draw out my jaw-dropped aghastitude?

Reginald de Piperno said...

There is at least the small, cold comfort that the people doing and buying this do not believe in the Real Presence, nor are they sacramentally qualified to perform the consecration. So it's really nothing but bread and grape juice.

Well, I take that back: that's more than small comfort. There is no actual desecration.

But it's a mind-blowing callousness that would do something like this, for sure.

Mike Burgess said...

The real "gulp" moment for me was the "in a stadium with 30,000." Or, you know, your local megachurch, if it does this sort of thing, which it probably doesn't, as it would be messy and take away from "praise and worship" time and the teen drama. But we're just sayin'.