Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mike Burgess - Once Again Doing Yeoman's Work

My friend Mike Burgess is standing for the Catholic Faith once again. I commend him, and I recommend his efforts to you wholeheartedly.

On the same subject, I want to repeat a question Mike asked at the same venue in another context which has so far gone unanswered. Unsurprisingly.

He said:
Apart from what you've written on the passage in question before, could you engage my questions above to explain your position that the sufficiency of Scripture to equip the man of God, by way of profitability for training in righteousness, rebuke, reproof, etc., unto completeness for every good work is an affirmation of the proposition that the Scriptures are thus exclusively the rule of faith (which ostensibly presumes your other solas)?

[emphasis added]

He received no answer then, and I seriously doubt that he will ever receive one.

Bravo Mike! Your efforts are much appreciated.


Mike Burgess said...

I'm honored to be called your friend.
Pray for me as I work to prepare a set of detailed posts comprising a positive presentation with documentation for further interaction with my interlocutor in the thread you mentioned. I have temporarily lain aside some of my other work, but I have a strong conviction that this is more important for now.
Rest assured I hold you in similarly high regard, my friend.
God's blessings to you and yours.

Martin said...

Mike B. made reference to "his" webpage. is this public?

Reginald de Piperno said...


Mike's blog is over here.